What’s In My Mini Home Gym – Part 1

I live in an apartment and don’t have a big garage gym. Maybe one day! But until then, I am really happy with my mini gym that consists of about ten pieces of workout equipment.

I have all I need to keep my own, and my clients’ workouts versatile and challenging. You don’t need too much to do it. Some simple things go far, if you know how to make the most of them.

One of the best things about not having too much room is that you cannot collect too many things. I keep my workouts and my workout equipment pretty minimalistic.

That said, here is a sneak peak into my home mini gym.

1) Kettlebells

Kettlebells are probably the best piece of equipment of all time. I just love what you can do with them. There were times when my workout equipment consisted of just one kettlebell. True story, but combining various kettlebell exercises with bodyweight exercises and running was totally enough to stay in shape.

Kettlebells are strong and durable and will probably last forever. A piece of iron won’t break that easily, right! As you keep practicing and get stronger, you may want to get heavier ones. But you can still use the lighter ones for one arm exercises.

The exercise variations are endless. I did a 4 Moves Full Body Workout just couple of days ago and I swear, my butt is still sore.

One thing about kettlells is that some of the movements can really do a number on my wrists, so for that reason I find that crossfit wrist wraps work great for helping keep my wrists protected and not aching the next day.

2) Medicine Balls

We used to use medicine balls a lot in our track and field practice. We did various power exercises like tosses and throws, but also core strength work like Weighted Crunches and Russian Twists.

I was re-introduced with medicine balls again when I started doing CrossFit. Now I use them in my workouts couple of days a week.

My favorite exercise? Med Ball Wall Ball Shots for sure. Strength, power and cardio all together – it doesn’t get much more efficient than that. Check out this High Intensity Bed Ball Workout for more ideas.

3) Pull Up Bar

A Pull Up Bar is the latest addition to my mini gym, and I’m using it almost daily. It’s in such a visible place, right in the doorway, so I naturally use it often.

I am really into strengthening my upper body right now. One of the best indicators of upper body strength is how well you can do Pull Ups, and that’s what I’ve been working on lately. The one and only way of getting better at Pull Ups is … to do more Pull Ups.

We ordered this Pull Up Bar from Amazon. I was surprised how easy it was to assemble – no drilling, no holes, nothing. You just hang it to your doorway and it’s good to go.

4) Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are great for learning Pull Ups, because you can start out with your arms fully extended. When you start from a higher surface, hands bent, you miss the crucial starting part. For assisted Pull Ups, simply put your knee or foot in the band. Extend your arms fully and pull yourself up.

You can also use the Resistance Bands for making your compound bodyweight exercises as Push Ups or Squats harder. They are also great if you want to do some muscle isolation work. They are a great option compared to normal weights as they are much easier on the joints and won’t leave you feeling as run down over time. For my male clients that want to put on muscle but have issues with joints and things like that I recommend using a lot of resistance band work and supplements like testosterone boosters can help build muscle at a quicker pace if the goal is to build muscle and do it quicker.

Different colors of resistance bands mean different resistance, so make sure you order the right one.