Want To Get Lean? Here’s How – Part 2

Five Reasons Why You Should Focus on Performance

Many times in fitness how we look trumps how we perform, but really if you understand the human body, if you perform well you will more times than not also look great. They tend to go hand in hand so one thing I like to do is focus on performance when it comes to training goals.

There are five big reasons why working out for better performance is a great idea:

  1. It’s a sustainable goal. People tend to be more committed to their performance-related goals than aesthetic goals. Using my example, if you want to make sure that you successfully cross the finish line of your first long race, your training will be motivated by this goal.
  2. It’s mentally healthier. Focusing only on the number on scale paralyzes your mind.

You may be afraid of every piece of food that you put into your mouth, because you are afraid to gain weight from this. You keep thinking of the amount of calories you consumed for breakfast or burnt off on your workout.

When you focus on performance instead, you can stop the craziness around eating and burning calories. You will learn to eat to perform better, because you realize that food is your friend that helps to achieve your goals, not an enemy that is fighting against them.

  1. It boosts your confidence. Say that there’s a performance-oriented goal that you really want to achieve, may it be your first push up or running your very first 5K.

You keep working on it and boom, one day, you are there – you just did it!

That’s an amazing feeling that you have so much to take away from and use in other aspects of your life. You build confidence that helps you to get over other hurdles and obstacles in your life outside of the workouts.

  1. It keeps you on the right track. The more you achieve, the more you want. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your focus.

Say that your focus is on losing weight. You want to lose ten pounds. You work hard, eat less and one day you will see the desired number. But then you realize that you are not satisfied with it; instead, you want to lose more.

So you keep working out more and longer while eating less, because that has already made you skinnier. But the fact is, you can’t do this endlessly. You can’t eat less and less and workout longer and longer – that’s just not possible.

Also hitting your performance-oriented goals will make you want more, but that’s a good thing. If you channel your energy into running faster or doing more pull ups, you are committed to work smarter (remember, smarter doesn’t mean more!).

You will also learn to eat better because without proper nutrition you won’t be able to achieve these things.

  1. Your physique will change. Finally, we are back to where we started: Having a nicer physique. In addition to all the four reasons I listed above, focusing on performance comes with a cool side effect:

You will start to see results in your physical body.

Stay tuned for part 3 of my How To Get Lean series…