Want To Get Lean? Here’s How – Part 3

The Positive Side Effect of Setting (and Achieving) Performance-Focused Goals

Yes, you will start to see results in your physique when you focus on performance.


Let me explain.

Say that someone puts this weird thought to your mind, to do as many burpees as you can in seven minutes.

At first you may think that this idea is insane. Why would you bother to do anything like this? Because that’s impossible anyway, right?

It’s really not. There are things that seem impossible but only until they’re done. So are seven minutes of burpees possible. It’s a tough challenge, but tough and impossible are not synonyms.

But then you think of it and decide… What the heck. I’ll try.

You make your way through those seven minutes, working as hard as you possibly can. Those seven minutes probably leave you breathless and they may hurt a bit. While you are doing the workout, you may think: I will never do this again.

That’s what most of the people think after crossing a marathon finish line. But for some reason they do sign up for the next race. It’s the feeling of achieving something they thought is extremely hard or impossible.

The same will likely happen to you and the burpee challenge. After the first I hate it and I will never do this again you’ll get curious: If I kept training and tried the same challenge next month, would I do better?

You will start training with a different, achievement-oriented goal in mind. And this is where you start to see results in your physique.

The physical changes are a very positive side effect that you get from getting stronger, faster and more capable of doing different, challenging things.

By constantly working on improving your performance, also you physique will move toward healthier, leaner, more muscular – the things that most of us want to see.

The moment when I did my first unassisted pull up was amazing. I was so happy and kept running around in the house, jumping for joy.

If I got to choose to be able to do one unassisted pull up or to lose five pounds, there’s not even a question what I’d choose. Pull up, any time.

Because it’s not a particular number on a scale that makes me confident and happy, it’s the feeling of being strong and being able to do something that had seemed impossible.


Working out because of aesthetic reasons might motivate you for a while, but people tend to commit more when they have performance-related goals in mind. Also, we should work out because it’s enjoyable, it gives us confidence and keeps us healthier, not because we want to see a smaller number on a scale.

Put the physique to side for a moment and focus on all the great things that your body can do. Keep working on your strength, speed and skills and forget about how you look, especially about the number on the scale. The physical changes will come when the focus is right.